Twitter Changes Affecting Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Gets A lot easier Thanks To Twitter Update

If you have ever started your Tweets with a username, Twitter treated them as if you were replying to something. As it so happens, this feature reduced your reach. Many users got away from this issue by simply adding a period before the username so the Tweet was public.

Links Will Not Dictate Characters

Twitter is known for its 140 character limit which inhibits individuals from posting long tirades on the site. Sadly, content such as videos, GIFs and even photos have always counted towards the character count. This drastically decreased the potential to get out a message.

Thankfully, this is changing. Twitter won’t count these and other forms of content against your character limit. Links will still take up some space, but you will have much more room to get your message across.

Username Adjustments

Just like snapshots, usernames have long went against a business’s character count on Twitter. Again, this will no longer be the case. And that means you can Tweet to industry leaders and other businesses without using up your precious 140 characters.

Also, Twitter will allow you to tag up to 50 usernames. This means you don’t have to guess at which users will enjoy your content. Just be sure not to frustrate others with spam.

Comments Gain Reach

When you commence a Tweet with a username, Twitter always assumed you were replying to something specifically. Unfortunately, replies do not garner a ton of reach. This led many to merely insert a period before a username so Twitter wouldn’t throttle its reach.

This will no longer be necessary. Anyone can directly Tweet at a person and Twitter will make the post public. Should you use the “reply” button, you will still have a limited reach, but this new shift means more people will see your posts.

While Facebook may still be the big dog on the block, Twitter certainly is no fool in the marketing world. That makes it crucial to stay abreast of the latest trends. Thankfully, the newest updates are all helpful from a marketing standpoint.

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